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Ben’s HobbyCorner

This is my homepage, showing things I am working on for a hobby. To do a quick update, not losing a lot of time, I use Sphinx Python Documentation Generator. I also deleted the 80C535 project on this homepage.
Who am I?
Ben Zijlstra. Network Engineer (mainly Cisco) at a large ICT-company in The Netherlands. My first step in electronics was when my father gave me an Philips EE experimental box. Must have been more than 50 years ago. Check LinkedIn for the companies I have been working for (and the present one).


What’s new and when was the last update of this homepage?

November 25 2014:

added 3d-info pictures

added Cathodic Dis-bonding tester

added Wizfi210 Arduino Mega shield

added A4988 steppermotor driver with Bascom-AVR



My own shields


9 degrees of freedom. Attitude and heading Inertial Measurement Unit

  • WizFi210 Arduino Mega Shield

Arduino Mega WizFI210 shield


Configuration through a separate RS232-module


WizSmartScript configuration

  • PWM2Volt Arduino Mega shield

4 channel, 4 x PWM to 0-10 volt (total 350 mA), to drive LED-drivers. PWM2Volt

3D Printer

Prusa I3

  • Building my own Prusa I3
_images/homepg(3).jpg _images/homepg(4).jpg _images/homepg(5).jpg






Connection diagram A4988


Tested on a Sanguinololu 3D printer controller


Etherrape with an Atmega644

  • Cathodic Dis-bonding Tester - webbased

This is a Cathodic Dis-bonding Tester. This device, during a month during test, tests the quality of paint. Two probes. Through the display and three keys the parameters can be filled in, voltage to put on the probes. But it is also web based and can be configured through the Intra/Internet.


Cathodic Disbonding Tester




FT232RL evaluation board with Visual Basic example


AVR Ethernet board from Hugh Duff


WebCat from - Ethernut 1.3F compatible


WebTiger - STK500 add-on board with ethernet


Wiz610wi Wiznet wireless module (it is a small Linux-device)


Long Wiz810mj board on the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose



W7100 programmed in Bascom-8051, including a W7100def.dat file

3D design software


  • Check later, some of my own OpenScad designs


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